Celery 3.25 ea.    

3 Pack Romaine 4.00 ea

Carrots 1.00/lb

Baby Spinach 5.75/lb

Portobello Mushrooms 2.50/lb

White Mushrooms 3.00/lb

Garlic (Whole Peeled) 7.5/lb 

90 Count Bake Potato 1.00/lb

Red Bliss Potato 1.00/lb

Brussel Sprouts 2.75/lb

Shallots (Whole Peeled) 5.00/lb 

Cucumbers 1.50/ea

Parsnips 3.50/lb

Grape Tomatoes 3.25/Pint  

5x6 Tomatoes 1.85/lb

Spring Mix 5.75/lb

Broccoli 2.00/lb

Red Onions 1.50/lb

Spanish Onions 1.00/lb

Cauliflower Florets 6.50/lb

Jalapenos 4.75/lb

Spaghetti Squash 2.25/#

Herbs (Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Rosemary,

Parsley, Fresh Bay Leaf Etc) 1.75/oz


Pork Butt 3.25/lb

Meatloaf Blend (Veal, Pork, Beef) 5.50/lb

Baby Back Ribs 6.00/lb

Teres Major

     (Shoulder Tender - steak Tips) 9.00/lb

     (Trimmed and cut) 10.75/lb

Short Rib 8.00/lb

NY Sirloin (Choice) 14.95/lb

Ribeye (Choice) 19.25/lb

Burger Patties (8oz Angus) 2.75/ea                                                   

80/20 Burger Meat 4.75/lb

Boneless Chicken Breast 6.00/lb

Chicken Wings 3.50/lb

Statler Chicken Breast 6.50/lb

Bacon 5.75/lb

Mahi 9.75/lb

Scallops 16.00/lb

Salmon 11.00/lb

Shrimp (16-20) 9.25/lb

Shrimp (13-15) 11.95/lb


American Cheese 4.75/lb

Sliced Cheddar Cheese 5.50/lb

Shredded Cheddar 5.50/lb

Heavy Cream 4.75/qt

Light Cream 4.50/qt

Buttermilk 2.50/qt

Butter 6.00/1lb Block

Euro Butter 3.00/1lb Block

Cream Cheese 4.00/#

Feta Cheese 4.25/lb

Gouda Cheese 8.00/lb

Cheese Curd 4.25/lb

Queso Fresco 5.75/lb

Grated Parmesan Cheese 5.00/lb

Shaved Parmesan Cheese 5.75/lb

Sour Cream .20/oz

Milk 3.80/ half gallon

Eggs 3.25/dz



10” Flour Tortilla (12 Pack)   3.25/ea

6” Flour Tortillas (12 Pack) 2.50/ea

Par Baked Garlic Loaf (Unsliced) 4.50/ea

Grilled Flatbread Crusts 2.25/ea 

Telera Rolls (Burgers) .75/ea

Sourdough Bread (Sliced) 5.50/ea



Gloves Large Powdered 8.00/box (100cnt by weight)

Gloves Small (Powder Free) 8.00/Box (100cnt by weight)

Brown Sugar 2.00/1lb box

Sugar 1.25/lb

Flour AP 1.00/lb

Flour Rice 1.00/lb

Honey 6.00/lb

Mayonnaise .10/oz

Ketchup .10/oz 

Rice Arborio 8.00/35 oz box 

Rice Long Grain 1.25/lb

Rice Jasmine 2.25/lb

Corn Starch 1.50/1lb box

Panko Crumbs 1.50/lb

Salad Oil 2.00/qt

Pomace Oil 2.50/qt

Stewed Pear Tomatoes 3.00/Qt

How to order groceries

* Call us or stop by to place your order by Monday 


* Will call you on  the day your order is ready for pickup 

* Beer and wine selections also available - call for selection and prices.


If you don't see it, please ask?


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